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5 tips to help you increase business

5 tips to help you increase business

  • Live streaming: Since the turn of the century, Video-over-IP became a phenomenon.  The birth of things like video conference calls was a showcase for many corporations.  But as entrepreneurship increased, so did the birth of systems like Periscope and  These live streaming systems allowed greater access for brands to connect with their audience in real time.  It also gives access to smaller businesses to build its relationship with their client-base in a more personal and direct way.  

  • PR: In this instance, I am speaking about Press Releases.  There is something quite beautiful in sharing your story through the press.  Of course, there is a skill in writing and distributing an effective press release.  However, there are now some great tools you can subscribe to make your life easier.  

  • Bloggers and Vloggers: Blogging, Vlogging or YouTubing is increasingly becoming an occupation in its own right.  Like with most areas of PR, a large percentage of your success with Bloggers, Vloggers and YouTubers is about relationships and your approach.

  • Social events: Sometimes it feels like hard work to leave your home to attend a networking or business social event. Also, the price of venues can make it difficult to organise an event.  However, the power of attending relevant events, ‘pressing the flesh’ (as they say) and making that personal connection, can prove highly profitable.  

  • Collaborations and Partnerships: Like mergers and acquisitions, partnerships and collaboration is the POWER MOVE for many businesses today.  Building affiliation programs in your business; referrals between businesses EG:  A gym and a beauty salon   - can build strong results and outcomes.  One of the most powerful ways of marketing is WORD OF MOUTH.  So through collaborations and partnerships, you increase the number of mouths that help you increase awareness to your business.

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